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  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: videogames
  • Reading: spiderman comics & manga
  • Watching: cartoons
  • Playing: nintendo
  • Eating: donuts
  • Drinking: coca cola
With only two months left until Halloween and the upcoming Goosebumps movie (I hope it will be good). I decided to make a series of fanarts of Nintendo based on the original book covers of Goosebumps.

1. Luigi's Mansion (Home, not-so-sweet home)
2. The Psychic Showdown (If you want the badge, you've to play with her mind games)
3. Majora's Mask (You have 3 days to live) 
4. Nightmare in Dreamland (The land of cuteness was no more)
5. Giygas' Revenge (It'll torture you into your nightmares)
6. Rock-a-Bye Baby Bowser (We're gonna need a bigger crib)
7. Big Boo's Deadly Traps (One move and you're dead)
8. One Day at Krazy Kremland (It's fun for Kremlings, but NOT for Kongs)
9. Blind's Hideout (It's not what it seems)  
10. Brinstar Depths (That guy's huge !!!)
11. Inside Prince Froggy's Belly (Don't let his size fool ya)
12. Invasion of Dark Matters (They will possess you and they will corrupt you)
13. The Menace of the Past (He was banished, but now he got his revenge)
14. Night in Pokemon Tower (These ghosts are mischievous, but dangerous)
15. The Legend of The Sonic Phantom (That'll be your last race of your life)
16. Mean Business (It's a cruel world after all)  
17. The Invisible Tubba Blubba (This guy's unstoppable)
18. Frantic Factory (Some toys are not appropriate for children)
19. Twisted Clone (The Bounty Hunter becomes the bounty hunted)
20. Jungle Puddle (Never smile at the Big Blurp)
21. The Dark Side of the Milky Way (Wishes that won't come true)
22. The Aparoid Menace (Greed will turn you into a monster)
23. The Dark World of Girantina (It's getting creepier and creepier)
24. The Shadow Queen Rises (Sorry, Your Princess is possessed) 
25. The Wrath of Mega Squeekly (That's why you should fly quietly) 
26. The Gruesome Ballet of Jalhalla (They will dance and he will crush you) 
27. Meta Ridley (Why can't he ever stay dead ?)
28. The Invasion of Dark Matters 2 (They will possess you and they will corrupt you again) 
29. Journey to the Underworld (Don't look in her eyes !)
30. The Curse of the Cofagrigus' Tomb (If you steal one it's treasures, it will mummified you alive) 
31. The Bat King (Don't let the bedbats eat you)


streetgals9000's Profile Picture
girls fight
i'm a cartoonist and a fan artist, i like manga, superheroes comic books
and playing videogames.

Current Residence: Mexico City
Favourite genre of music: Videogames Music
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Spiderman, Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Mario, Ryu and Chun li
Favourite Food: Pizza, Sushi, Sandwiches and Hot dog
Favourite Drink: Coca Cola

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Who's the best Batman of live action movies ? 

5 deviants said Christian Bale
4 deviants said Michael Keaton
1 deviant said Adam West
1 deviant said Val Kilmer


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